Retail Commerce

The goal of this project is to help you sell more and receive payments online. We set you up to start accepting online payments, and then create your ad account to launch conversion campaigns. We also provide you with a list of tools to better manage your customer orders, in-country delivery partners, and guidelines for return and refund policies. Finally, we deliver capacity-building workshops before handing over the project.
Scope of work:
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Starting the project with the
Action Plan
Kick-Off Planning Call (one-on-one)
We review the action plan, clarify the technical requirements,
schedule the review calls, and configure access to accounts (ads, Social Media).
Setup to Accept Online Payments via Credit Card
One-time setup and configuration for your customers to pay you via Mada, Visa, and mastercard
Setup of your Account on Zbooni to Accept Payments
We will do the needed setup to create an account for you with the payment platform Zbooni that empowers you to accept payments from your customer via Mada, Visa, and Mastercard
Pre-loading of your Top 10 Most Popular Items on Zbooni
We will upload the most popular products to your Zbooni account so you can share payment links with customers who are ready to buy.
Digital Setup
One-time setup and optimization of your Social Media pages and ad accounts.
Budgeting for Ads Across Facebook and Instagram
We provide recommendations on what to budget for Facebook and what to budget for Instagram
Setting up the Ad Accounts
We configure your ad accounts (Facebook, Instagram) in preparation to launch ad campaigns.
Access to accounts (ads, analytics, developer)
We walk you through the process of giv ing us access – where applicable - to your existing ad accounts, your Google Analytics, and your Facebook developer account.
Creation of Custom Audieces within
Facebook/Instagram's Business Manager
We create for you the key Custom Audiences you would need for your campaigns :

  • Website Visitors or App Visitors
  • Lookalike audience to the Website Visitors or App Visitors
  • Contact Information of the Existing Customers or the Address Book of the Founder
  • Lookalike audience to the Contact Information of the Existing Customers or the Address Book of the Founder
Campaign Setup for Click-to-WhatsApp Ads
Not all your customers are ready to make a purchase directly via the app or website; however, many of them are close to making a purchase if they know more a nd feel more confiden t by talking to someone first. This is where the "Lead Generation" campaign comes in as an ad with a "Learn More" call - to - action where a potential customer provides their name, mobile, and email to know more about your product or serv ice before making a purchase.
Campaign Setup for Retargeting
The objective of this campaign is to target again users who came across your product and service but were not ready to make the commitment at the time when they first came across your organization. The retargeting will be done for the user who exhibited: Instagram Profile Interaction, Facebook Page Engagement, Existing Customers
(mobile, email)
Structuring Relevant Reporting
Creation of a structure within the reporting of Facebook Business Manager on the elements that will be reported on, where applicable ( F or example reach, visits, views, purchases)
Social Media Pages Optimization
We review your existing Facebook and Instagram page and optimize their setup.
Setup of Facebook's Business Manager
We configure Facebook's Business Manager that is the hub for you to control and manage your Facebook activity: We make sure that your Facebook assets (Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Facebook Developer Account) join your Business Manager, and we set up the user "Roles" of what users can access what.
Reviewing the Instagram Setup as a Business Account
An Instagram Business Profile is important for customer acquisition efforts and analytics. We will configure it to make sure that the switch from a personal profile to a business profile was done correctly, your contact information is in place, and the li nk to Facebook – if applicable – is done properly.
Reviewing the Sales-Ready Bio of your Instagram and Facebook Page
The bio gives confidence and clarity to the consumer as part of their evaluation to purchase from your store. We will review it togethe r and provide recommendations on what to include.
Generation of your Social Media Frequently Asked Questions
We will create up - to twenty frequently asked questions, in English and Arabic, that you can use to copy and paste from when you respond on you r Social Media pages to common questions .
Customer Relationship
Recommendation and initial setup of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to keep track of your customers, their past purchases, and their preferences.
Providing Recommendations on a CRM
Optimized for Online Business
We will provide you with recommendations on what CRM works better for an online business for you to keep track of 7 and initial setup of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to keep track of your customers, their past purchases, and their preferences. your customers and their preferences. We will recommend the tool, share information on the key features, and the cost.
Initial Setup of the CRM Tool
We will configure and set up the CRM tool as well as upload the initial set of past customers to the CRM.
Summary of In-country Key Delivery Partners
To save you time on research, we will provide you with the information you need.
Summary of In-Country Key Delivery Partners
We will provide you with a one - page summary of the key delivery partners in the country you operate in as well as their costs and the documents they need to o pen an account with them.
Guidelines for the Return and Refund Policy
We provide guidelines for setting the direction of your return and refund policy.
Guidelines for the Return and Refund Policy
We will provide you with detailed guidelines for the return and refund policy. This plays a role in the trust with the potential buyer, affects your profit margins, and sets expectations with the customer prior to purchase to avoid misunderstandings.
Website Optimization
(if applicable)
f you do have a retail website, we guide you on how to set up the tracking pixel as wel as campaign setup for website visits.
Campaign Setup for Website Visits
We set up a campaign with the objective of driving app website visits (if available).
Tracking Pixel Review Call with Your Tech Team (one-on-one)
Tracking Pixels via Facebook and Instagram play an important role in monitoring and measuring the activity of 8 setup for website visits. your users. We will review any existing tracking pixels and provide guidelines for your tech team to install and configure any missing Facebook and Instagram tracking pixels for your website and/or app.
Online Workshops
Capacity Building activities to grow the internal skill set of you and your team.
Online Workshop on How-to Manage the Ads
We will conduct an online workshop with you and your team to share specific tactics on how to launch and optimize your ads across Facebook and Instagram.
Online Workshop on How-to Better Manage your Social Media Channels
We will conduct an online workshop with you and your team to share practical steps you can apply to your Social Media channels using mobile and desktop to better manage your Social Media chan nels.
Online Workshop on How-to Use Zbooni to Accept Online Payments
We will conduct an online workshop with you and your team to go through the specific functionalities within Zbooni for receiving payments from your customers via Mada, Visa, and Mastercard.
Online Workshop on How-to Setup Outlook on Your Mobile Device
We will conduct an online workshop with you and your team on how to setup Outlook on you.
Online Workshop on the Customer Relationship Management Tool
We will conduct an onl ine workshop with you and your team on how to use the CRM tool.
Online Workshop on the Customer Support Best Practices
We will conduct an online workshop with you and your team on the relevant best - practices for an online store.
Technical Setup Related to the Dot Com Domain and Email
Getting your business dot com address and dot com email to have a professional image and give potentian buyers more confidence.
Purchase of a Regular Dot Com Domain
Domain Registration: (For Two Years) Purchase of an available regular non - premium domain (.com) with Privacy Protection.
Cloud-Based Business Email
Setting up your business email using Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials. Scope of Work is cloud - based setup, licensing, and domain configuration, and configuring up - to five user accounts: info@, support@,... We will also provide a how - to PDF guide for you to use as a reference.
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Exclusions to the Scope of Work
Clarify on what is not included in the Scope of Work.
No hidden surprises. No misunderstandings.
Exclusion of Copywriting and Design for Social Media Posts and Ads
Exclusion of 3rd-party Media Spend
The ad spend on Facbook, Instagram, and others are not included in the Scope of Work. The billing will be done directly to your credit card for full transparency.
Posting and responding to your Social Media channels and comments on ads
Posting content on your Social Media pages and responding to comments on Social Media and ads...
Exclusion of Data Entry
The Scope of Work does not include data entry and researching product information and images.The client will provide the product information in...
Excludes 3rd-party payment for Dot Com Domain and Email
Domain Registration (For Two Years, Regular Non-Premium .com domain, with Privacy Protection). 400 AED...
Pre-requisites from the Customer
Below is a list of requirements from your side before engaging in the program:
Able to identify the top ten selling products and provide them in a format ready for upload as per the specifications we provide.
Chosen the dot com name from available domain names on
Being available for a Weekly Call (up-to one hour per call)
Having at least three ad messages (text, image) with the following specs:
Making available a credit card that supports the online purchase and has available in it the money allocated for the third-party ads on Facebook and Instagram
Comfortable doing audio/video calls using conferencing application Zoom