June 26, 2013
Expect the Unexpected with Think Media Labs
Recently, Think Media Labs started working with McDonalds across 26 branches nationwide where it unified digital storefront, complied with global and local brand requirements, and integrated Social Media in business process (marketing, sales, operation)

Our latest project with McDonald was a competition titled Order, Eat, Snap, Upload, Vote. The terms and conditions of this competition were as follows: Order one of our new Tastes of the World meals, where each three weeks a new Burger flavor was introduced, starting with the Mexican, followed by the French and finally the Asian. Take a picture wearing McDonalds mustache in front of the Tastes of the World backdrop or with the meal. Upload the picture to the McDonalds Lebanon Photo Contest Application. Get at least 10 votes to be qualified. Every 10 votes you get increase your chances in the draw to win a trip for two to Mexico, France or Malaysia. This completion took place over 9 weeks from March 27 until June 17. Our Social Media analysis showed 300% growth in their Facebook page along with this campaign. Our work was so precise and well- done, where we worked on observing the customers behaviors in the stores, Â providing immediate response all the time, creating a mobile friendly Facebook App and generating a dynamic content adjustment. Our business team studies and follow up along with our online community were able to tell us whats going on. Mexican and Asian burgers were sold out in 1 week each (Versus planned three weeks campaigns) and customers were instantly claiming on Facebook how much they want to participate, so we had a backup plan and we updated the terms and conditions to accommodate the new situation.

One remarkable competitor is a 10-year-old boy named Joey Audi, we called him Our Devoted Fan. Joey entered the competition to win a trip to Mexico. To gain more votes on his photo, he created a Facebook page and named it Vote for Joey. On his page, he created and shared a video montage to show how bad he wanted to win the trip. But Joey lost. McDonalds Lebanon couldnt leave Joey sad, so they invited him for a flight over Lebanon. Joey was so happy with McDonalds offer that he changed his pages name to Joey's Dreams come true Fly around Lebanon and created and shared the video Thanks McDonalds to express his excitement for the trip. And finally, to describe his gratitude and acknowledgments to McDonalds, Joey created one last video McDonalds Flight where he shared his wonderful experience. At Think Media Labs we reward users initiatives, even if not strictly compliant with the terms and conditions.

Lebanon Social Media Case Study - Infographic Report from Think Media Labs