March 29, 2017
Twitter Event
Niche was founded in 2013, and it became part of the Twitter family in 2015. Niche is a platform that primarily connects creators with brands and provides its creators with the ability to grow, understand, and activate their social presence across all networks.

For the brands who wantto launch influencer campaigns, Niche provides them with insights on influencers in the same region. The commitment includes 3 to 5 influencers, content creation, and handling of influencers. The content is pushed not only on Twitter but also on Instagram, Snapchat, and other Social Media channels.

On the other hand, Volkswagen announced that they will no longer launch offline ads and that they will be spending 100% of their ad budget online. They will be focusing on brand awareness, leads, and direct responses…
Volksbot, Volkswagen's Twitter bot, allows users to reach out to them and ask questions about Volkswagen cars. Users can do this via Direct Messaging or via public tweet replies. Volksbot provides quick and personalized responses to customers who can ask just about anything related to Volkswagen cars such as checking model availability, booking test drives, asking for information and much more.