May 5, 2015
Dubai Knowledge Village Open Training Week 2015
For the second year in a row, Think Media Labs (TML) participated in the Dubai Knowledge Village open training week to help entrepreneurs and companies build social media marketing strategies with the aim of growing their businesses.
Business minded individuals have the ability to track down opportunities with a speed that exceeds the time needed to post a photo or update a status, yet they lacked the know-how and required guidance on using social media to effectively reach a wider audience, because they were not a click away from success, as we have demonstrated in our presentation at the Dubai Knowledge Village.
We clarified to our dynamic and interactive audience that social media marketing is not a mere "get rich quick" scheme, but requires long-term planning, considerable implementation, and tenacity that will gradually grow their exposure, increase their leads, and eventually achieve the required success for the business.
The audience was interested in the B2B approach to social media; based on our wide and extensive experiences in the field, we explained that in order to build a successful social media strategy, they must choose the right platforms and tactics, then set the goals for the social media use and lastly apply a planned content production.