May 25, 2017
Don't get Caught off-guard
A lot of organizations tend to be caught off guard when the holy month of Ramadan starts and they decide to go quickly into a half-baked campaign just to say that they did a Ramadan related campaign. In our experience working with different brands, we have devised different ways to quickly and effectively launch a Ramadan related campaign only within a few days.

We had to learn these quick launch tactics the hard way because many brands have come to us only two or three days before Ramadan or even within day 6 of Ramadan to quickly launch a campaign. And for such incidents our recommendation is as follows:

  1. Work on a very specific brand awareness related campaign where you combine brand related messages that are relevant to the holy month of Ramadan

  2. Have practical and realistic expectations of the outcome of the campaign. Such expectation could be KPI driven even if it is a short campaign, such as Reach for target audience within your target demographic, ad recall lift, video views, …

  3. Bypass your usual lengthy approval process. Have a single person within your organization responsible for giving the feedback and approving the campaign launch. Otherwise, you are adding a lot of strain to an already tight campaign

  4. If there is a specific call to action required (such as buying a product or visiting a specific location or attending a certain event), you will need to be clear and blunt about what you are expecting of the user. There is no time to be subtle about it

  5. Ample media budget is important in order to quick spread the campaign and reaching your target audience

We have assisted many organization and brands across many years in crash launching Ramadan related campaign and we have devised Specific offerings that you can rely on to deliver the results you need despite the short amount of time that is available to prepare.