April 14, 2015
Matic Boosts Sales by Restructuring Their Mobile App's Signup Process
Cleaning Service Network, Matic, Boosts Sales by Restructuring Their Mobile App's Signup Process
Matic achieves remarkable results by restructuring their Mobile App's signup process by collaborating with Strategy & Creative Agency, TML. Big numbers demonstrate a much higher revenue after using data to streamline signup process.

  • 5 times decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • 291% increase in Signup to Download ratio

The Story:

Holding the largest network of cleaning service agencies in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Matic's aim is to bring the comfort of a clean home without the hassle. Customers can book cleaning professionals via Mobile App, Website, or Call Center. Matic provides a quality cleaning service that is practical and convenient to all.

The Challenge:

Matic sought to increase the number of quality signups and improve sales with more bookings. Collaborating with TML (Think Media Labs), one of the Arab World's first and most prominent Strategy & Creative agencies, the two teams cooperated to determine the cause of the low signup ratio problem and find a solution.

The Solution:

The data driven TML team studied the case thoroughly and placed tracking mechanisms from which they could identify downloads and low signup ratio. The data – indicating downloads without signups – showed interest in the App, visiting specific pages within it, but the signups were low. After analyzing the App behavior, functionality and flow, the TML team took action. The sign up process was restructured based on data and past experience. The effects of restructuring the signup process were noticeable the same night the App was updated. The increase of Mobile App signups showed direct improvement in number of bookings, costs and CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

"Matic is a strongly driven company that moves fast and grows fast. Today, we hold the largest network of cleaning service agencies in the Middle East and our professionalism is unmatched. Simply put, we keep it clean and get the job done. Moreover, our collaboration with the state-of-the-art TML team was a great step forward as it brought in excellent results. We now understand our users' behaviors and needs, and we aim to constantly meet their expectations and even exceed them." – Mohamed Samad, CEO of Matic

The Results:

With the Direction of TML (Think Media Labs) team, Matic achieved the business results its investors sought after, and was able to maximize the App installs and increase qualified signups.

  • Customer Acquisition Cost decreased 5 times.
  • Signup to download ratio increased by 291%