January 10, 2018
Clu Officially Launches App
Upon its official launch, Clu's founders commissioned Think Media Labs (TML) to help them take their first steps into the market. The primary objectives were evident: Clu needed to run campaigns to acquire their first batch of users, get feedback from them to improve the app, and then run more campaigns to recruit new service providers. In addition, they needed to build a funnel, work on acquisition planning, and know what to look for when analyzing data.

The Story

Clu is a free mobile application that helps users browse through top-notch fashion products designed by Lebanese fashion designers and trendsetters. Users can like or dislike designer items, purchase their favorites, and have them delivered to their doorstep. After testing their business model in Lebanon, Clu plans to expand in the MENA region and make the latest fashion trends accessible to everyone.

The Challenge

After participating in multiple events to create awareness in the startup ecosystem, Clu officially launched on November 6, 2017. At this stage, Clu wanted to acquire their first batch of users, push them to use the app, and get feedback from them. They also wanted to recruit new designers so that users can have access to a wider variety of products.

The Solution

After studying the key characteristics of Clu, TML made the necessary preparations. TML wanted to create a solid foundation for Clu to be able to launch successful and measurable campaigns in the future. Accordingly, TML had to set up the ad accounts, allocate budgets, create a funnel, and help the Clu team install tracking systems and SDKs.

After making sure that everything was set, TML worked closely with the Clu founders to develop the campaigns' key messages and set the right targets based on age, interests, and location. The campaigns were launched successfully and ran for six consecutive weeks. Different types of ads were tested on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Google) and were constantly optimized to get the best results.

At a later stage, TML also launched lead generation ads to help Clu recruit new designers to be featured in Clu.

"Being a startup we had a very limited budget to work with and needed as many users to download Clu as possible. TML was up to the challenge, they quickly understood the added value of Clu and helped us shape our campaign to optimize reach and get our target audience to download and interact with Clu. The results exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be coming back for future campaigns."


The Results

With the direction of TML's customer acquisition specialists, Clu achieved the business results its founders sought after:

  • Within 6 weeks and within the given budget, Clu was able to get as many signups as possible with a low CAC.
  • On top of that, Clu now had a funnel to work with and a good foundation to launch future campaigns.
  • User feedback was collected, and Clu founders identified that there is room for improvement.
  • A good amount of leads was also collect, and the Clu team could now call the designers and start recruiting.