January 16, 2018
Yawmiyati Prepares to Raise Funds
Investors look for specific things in startups they plan to invest in, and they require solid answers. Yawmiyati, after achieving significant business growth, commissioned Think Media Labs to help them get ready for the lengthy process of raising funds from investors.

The Story:

Yawmiyati is a journal for every woman. It is a dynamic daily magazine, dedicated to covering the lives and wellbeing of women across the Arabian region. Yawmiyati is a fresh platform for the 21st Century woman. It's classy, original, genuine, and heartfelt. It's from one Arabian woman to another.

The Challenge

When they reached out to TML, the Yawmiyati founders were ready to take the next big step. Their main objective was to gain funding from investors, which required certain business readiness to be achieved first, such as:

  • Evaluation exercise to determine the current value of the business and its future potential
  • Build a financial model and identify additional revenue sources to augment their business following global models

The Solution

TML worked very closely with the founders who were open to change and ready to grow. TML detailed a thorough investment deck, created detailed financial valuation and models, and identified additional sources of revenue for growth.

In the end, the TML team provided the Yawmiyati founders with the necessary material to go out, have discussions with investors, challenge certain points to help grow their vision, and raise funds.

"We knew what we had to do to grow, but we needed the right specialists to work with. We found Think Media Labs to be outstanding in what they do. With their help, we were equipped to go through the rugged process of raising funds."

– Rashid Abou Hamzy