July 4, 2018
Steady Growth for CleanLine - Dry Cleaning and Laundry App
  • Achieved 15% Month-on-Month Growth
  • Increased Monthly Number of Bookings by 236%
  • Launched in Two New Cities – Riyadh and Dammam – after witnessing growth in Jeddah and Duba

The Story

CleanLine is an on-demand dry cleaning and laundry app that was launched in 2017 in two cities, Jeddah and Dubai. When its founders first identified the existing need in the market, they wanted to create a service that was well-priced and convenient to all. It had to offer a high quality service with a fast turnaround and provide advanced customer service. That is how CleanLine was founded.

Today, you can enjoy doing what you are passionate about and allow CleanLine to handle your time-consuming laundry!

The Challenge

By the end of 2017, the founders had already gathered enough data from their existing client base and past bookings to build new hypotheses. Studying the numbers at hand, they were able to identify their strengths and weaknesses; but most importantly, the data showed that there was room to grow.

CleanLine had a small user base and a good percentage of returning customers. They were already present in two cities, Jeddah and Dubai and their reputation was being built steadily. Nonetheless, they couldn't disregard their competitors, who were racing for their share in the market.

CleanLine needed a new customer acquisition strategy and advanced tactics to make it work. Accordingly, the founding members sketched their plans and commissioned Think Media Labs (TML) to assist them in developing their business and help them recruit new team members fit for the challenges ahead.

The Solution

Phase One: Foundation

The first and most necessary undertaking was to create a solid foundation for CleanLine to be able to launch measurable customer acquisition campaigns. Subsequently, they set up their ad accounts, installed tracking systems and SDKs, created funnels, and allocated budgets. CleanLine was now ready to acquire new customers and measure growth.

Phase Two: Past Efforts and Test Campaigns

In the second phase, past efforts had to be revisited before launching new campaigns. To know what previously worked and what did not work is crucial. Though startups cannot learn without mistakes and minimum viable tests, they cannot afford to make the same mistakes again. Data was analyzed by both teams and the key findings were shared and discussed. The campaigns' key messages were developed likewise, taking into consideration the targeted potential users, their interests, behaviors, and so on.

Sequentially, the test campaigns were launched. They would run for few weeks, and the team would learn from the live data gathered. "What type of ads get the lowest Cost per Install (CPI)? Is there a correlation between low CPI and low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)? Should we segment our targeted users? Are discounts effective? Do we go with videos or images? How do we balance the budget between Google AdWords and Facebook? Should we retarget existing users or focus on acquiring new ones?" These are questions that only test campaigns can answer; after all, even though there is a set of general marketing rules to follow, no two businesses are 100% alike.

Phase Three: Customer Acquisition Campaigns and Optimization

After evaluating the results of the test campaigns, new campaigns were launched. Along the way, the TML team constantly updated the funnel and provided weekly reports. Focusing on month on month growth, the campaigns were regularly optimized, eyes always on the numbers – Cost Per Install, Cost Per Signup, and Cost Per Booking.

All in all, the success of the customer acquisition campaigns of the first quarter of 2018, led CleanLine to launch the service in new cities – Riyadh and Dammam.

Phase Four: Recruitment

By the end of the first quarter of 2018, CleanLine was ready to build its own team so that they would be able to launch and measure their future campaigns. TML assisted the founders in the recruitment process by identifying potential candidates, filtering the CVs, contacting the ones who are qualified to interview them, and finally shortlisting three applicants for a second interview led by CleanLine's founders.

"What I like most about TML is that they know what startups like CleanLine need. They quickly understood what we were going after and they were more than ready to help us. By working together, we learned how to build a solid base for CleanLine and how to recognize the KPIs that drive growth. We now have a qualified team and a strong foundation to launch future campaigns."

Walid Salem – CEO of CleanLine

The Results

In the end, CleanLine achieved the business results its founders sought after:

  • Setting the foundations to track users and measure campaigns
  • Creating a funnel to easily evaluate results
  • Achieving month-on-month growth over 15%
  • Monthly Number of Bookings increased by 236%
  • Building an in-house customer acquisition team

For a downloadable PDF file of this case study, click here.