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You are a member of the Virtuzone ecosystem and can benefit from the complementary business advisory provided by Think Media Labs (TML) to the VZ ecosystem members:
Complimentary invitation to the event “Best Practices for Selling Online in the UAE and KSA”.

Attend for free to learn the latest best practices of selling your products and services in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
Be part of the 12-week Retail Program mailer and receive relevant content on customer acquisition strategies and execution, customer retention tactics, retail business activation and enhancement.
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About Think Media Labs (TML):
TML specializes in solving the most pressing business problems
of Small to Medium Businesses. We have advised more than 500 businesses in the Middle East since 2010, including Careem, Matic, Zbooni, and others.
TML is an award-winning organization that also advises government organizations, corporate entities, and family businesses by building and managing their startup programs.
TML has partnered with Virtuzone to advise businesses in the VZ ecosystem.
The customer base that is ready to buy online from you has significantly grown: More than 50% of online purchases during the pandemic came from first time online buyers.
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